Just Thought I’d Ask You This Question…..3/21*

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If you had to start paying one cent a word for blogging, would you still do it??

20 Responses

  1. No, nothing I have to say is so impressive that I would pay to say it, LOL

  2. Same here! Nothing I have to say is important enough to pay to say. 😀


  4. I would really miss blogging but that would get expensive and I don’t get paid as it is. So, no.

  5. By blogging will be limited to monosyllables.

  6. I would just post pictures and then go back to talking to myself.LOL. Talking to my self ….. Mmmmm….Hum along.

  7. No, I would just write in one of my many journals. I have more thoughts than pennies!

  8. I do not have a blog, so I do not care either way!

  9. No, absolutely not.

  10. Well, guess what?….It is STILL free , so let’s all talk away!!!!!!!!!!

  11. D Day for all!!!!!

  12. I asked this question because I notice a difference. On some blogs I visit…lots! On other blogs I visit…..enough said. On other blogs I visit….no words at all! So, thanks for sharing your opinion with me 🙂

  13. Where the author of the blog does not acknowledge the comments made by visitors the blog will have few or no entries. I think that a comment on a blog is like an e mail to the author and begs to be acknowledged. No other way to know whether the author has read your comments at all. . I have also seen a lot of blogs without words. In some, the comments appear for a few days and disappear for the same reason–no acknowledgement from the author. This also explains why you have so many comments in your blog .
    Dont know whether my view is relevant to your question.

  14. Iviss, those people are missing out because I find all of your comments very cool and refreshing! I appreciate your support!!! I agree with what you said. I always try to acknowledge all people who visit. Sometimes I might miss some!!! OOOPPS!

  15. There might be more Wordless Wednesdays if that were to happen … 😉

  16. Well Dennis, that is not a good idea…so, let us just keep things the way they are for now!!! I kind of like it!! 🙂

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