Patience and Wisdom………cute…*)*

For those who haven’t seen this before – it is so true!

Two of the greatest assets to have in life are patience and wisdom.

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Thanks Kristi!!


18 Responses

  1. Kristi always has fun things she send you. Glad she shares. CUTE@

  2. Hullo

    Patience is a virtue. Why?
    It takes an enormous amount of time to let it happen.
    Really CUTE isnt it??

  3. THIS IS ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!

  4. Good Morning Everyone!! Thanks for stopping in! Have a great day!! Glad you like this as much as I did!!! Thanks to Kristi!!!

  5. Very true! 😀

  6. Lookin at this photo I am wondering whether the big one exercising patience will regret his wisdom of allowing things to pass by.

  7. This is so cute. I’ve never seen that photo before. One of my cousins in Canada has a problem with skunks and they eat with the barn cats!! They seem to like each other.


  9. Huh??? Mad Man Hatter, where?????

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