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32 Responses

  1. I have to tell the truth ROFL When I drive, bad! Otherwise, OK!!!


  3. is it so hard to control? Zero.

  4. Not a whole lot because I have small children and overall I hate the vulgarity and connotation of most curse words.

  5. Well, only if I get REALLY, REALLY , REALLY mad!!!!!l)

  6. audibly? not much

    in whispered tones? more

  7. Spoken foul language rarely escapes my lips. But up in my brain… that’s another story entirely! Good that I have a well-developed filter on my mouth!

  8. Much more in my head than in an audible voice for sure!

  9. Very rarely., definitely not on a daily basis. I worked in a Bank where you cannot blow your lid off.
    As an extreme response I sometimes do but thats away from work spot.

  10. I gave up cussing for Lent last year. Now it is very rare when I do cuss. It is amazing to me how cussing really puts me in a bad mood. If you really try not to cuss it makes you have a little more of a positive outlook on things. Just my opinion! 🙂

  11. I try very hard not to. I have grandchildren around quite a lot and don’t want them to remember that grandma had a potty mouth and I feel if words like that “escape” you easily, they will just come out in the least little frustration you have and I don’t want that. I’m with Gary, they are IN MY HEAD though.

    My husband lets em fly though and my 8 year old granddaughter will say “grandpa, little ears are here!” But he’s around men all day and the F*** word fly’s around all day long and it just comes out at home. I don’t like it at all in front of them.

  12. Well Joy, I am convinced I know know why I see LOTS of people with REALLY BIG HEADS!!!! ROFL

    Your husband sounds like my husband, MEN!!! LOL *(*

  13. Not too often — if you drop too many F-bombs, they lose their potency!

  14. Dennis, that is a very good observation!!!

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