Just Thought I’d Ask You A Question……….3/11*

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If you put together, or are putting together, a SCRAPBOOK for each of your children, what material did you include in it?? If you do not have children yet, what do you think you would want to include in it???

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  1. We picked one word for each letter of the alphabet for each kid (different words) and depicted the word with scraped photos and embels. And then repeated each year (are repeating each year). We pick the words Jan 1, then get the content all year. Year one we finished in year 2 (March). Year 2 we grew more skilled and finished by Christmas. Have gotten better each year.

  2. Everything that pertains to him–literally! On the page for immunizations, I even have the band-aids used to decorate the pages (face down of course!).

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  4. I have ALL of my work in boxes and have to organize them. I hope to get some good ideas here, Thanks!

  5. My mom is the sentimental one. What she did was throw it all in those plastic containers and told me it is my problem!!!!Memories!!!

  6. I put one of each in my scrapbook. I from math, english, science, music, etc…for each grade. If there was something that was done that was extra special..of course I kept that , too! It is difficult to just select a few!!!! It is a big project!!! Can take years!!!! I kept them all in boxes and gave it to them as adults!!! What a joB!!! Love it!

    • Kelly, thanks for sharing how you arranged your scrapbook! It is a tough job!!! I guess you just have to select what you want to get in and go from there! Do you go with one theme, or several??? UGH!!!

  7. not my job .mom is in charge of that

  8. Never have done a scrapbook. 😦

  9. I do scrapbook but I have very elaborate baby books for my boys. I saved EVERYTHING. Teeth, arm cast!! I even have Jason’s braces!!

    I have scrapbooks started for the grandchildren and I have everything they have given me, plays, music, anything they were in, I have.

  10. Joy, don’t you just love all the happy and funny memories that we remember when we are doing these types of projects? Time has a way of going too fast!!! Lucky grandchildren to have you making some for them, too!! Have fun!

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