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Just Thought I’d Ask You This Question……….3/10*

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How do you feel about saving for a “rainy day?”


32 Responses

  1. I work really hard at my job. I like to spend money and save money. I feel you can do both. If not, I feel like work is no fun!


  3. It’s important to do so, rain seems to be a regular on the forecast of life.

  4. No, I am set up good in my retirement. Made sure of it!

  5. My parents suggested it. I did it. It helped when my car needed repairs. Good advice!!!!!!!

  6. Saving what exactly? Buckets? Umbrellas? Money? Swim suits? Boats? Please be more specific. I get confused so easily! (lol)

  7. P.S. As much as it’s raining here today, I will need wader boots and a row boat! Perhaps a bucket to bail with as well. Do you have any gopher wood I can borrow?

  8. S.Le, I checked in the garage…Sorry, all out!!! LOL Have a great day!!!

  9. I learned to save a long time ago and it has helped me out too many times! I do it, you should too!

  10. I feel it’s very important. I’m digging a big hole on the back 40 and will be saving it there. It’s not safe anywhere else. Unless the new Prez has more idea’s how to spend my money. In that case, I won’t have any to save.

  11. I have a rain coat haha.
    I do save for sunny days too.

  12. Well, I hate to admit this but, right now, we don’t make enough to save. We are lucky to get the bills paid and gas in the car. But I do agree it is a good idea to save for a rainy day! It could rainy any day.

  13. I think it’s VERY important to save for a rainy day! You never know what life is going to throw your way and it’s best to be prepared.

    Starla, don’t feel bad! We live check to check right along with you!! 😀

  14. Transmission just went out in one of my five cars, saved money came in handy. SAVE!!!!

  15. I have always thought that you should save for a rainy day. Too bad a huge chunk of it just went down the storm drain with the economy.

  16. Seems it never rains in Southern California … but man, it pours. Just ask Albert Hammond.

  17. I’ve gotten rainy days covered; but snowy, foggy, and cloudy days are not covered yet.

    • I hear ya , Ross! We gotta keep working at it…or win the lottery! Anything is possible, right???? Maybe one day I will even find a suitcase full of money……….”somewhere over the rainbow….” I know…get real!!! LOL

  18. it’s just something you want. go move to the northwest
    you’ll get it sooner!

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