Just Thought I’d Ask You This Question……….3/8*

What is the MOST ridiculous thing you heard someone say while waiting in line somewhere?

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  1. The lady in front of me at Walmart ran two whole cart through the checkout – then when the clerk looked at her and said “234.32 please”

    The lady got this dumbfounded look on her face like she expected it to be cheap, and then said “Dollars?”

    I couldn’t help but to laugh…

  2. I KNOW I have heard some crazy stuff standing in line at Walmart or the grocery store but I can’t remember what they said. LOL I will have to think longer and see if I can remember what I heard. LOL

  3. Well, I also hear a lot of crazy things while standing in line any where I go. I love how people make fun of each other and always comment onhow a person should be “embarrassed wearing that in public.” They always say it loud enough so you take a glance at what you have on!!! It works all the time!!

  4. I myself have said some ridiculous things. Once, when they asked me in my office to come for taking photos for idendity cards. I told them “I cannot because I am not wearing shoes”
    Yes I keep hearing quite a lot myself but to the utterer it may have some relevance to some immediate happenings.

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