Will this pumpkin EVER die????????

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If you had a chance to look at my crazy videos, you will remember my garden. In that garden, I grew lots of things. Pumpkins were a big hit! So, for Halloween….. I put out my pumpkins. The problem is…ONE of the PUMPKINS still LIVES!!! It will not die! I mean, look at it…It looks “normal.” Does anyone know why this pumpkin still lives??? I do not have the heart to throw it away, like the others….who did die in peace!!!!! UGH!

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  1. That is a BIG pumpkin…It lives! Funny

  2. YIKES!

  3. You used it for Halloween,
    It has mysteriously aquired Zombie powers.
    The Zombie Pumpkin that will never die!!!!

  4. May be it has a two or three year life span. Wait for the next year.

  5. Maybe it came into contact with Kryptonite? So now its a Super-Pumpkin. Or a radioactive spider bit it.
    Great blog, BTW.

    • My pumpkin and I thank you…Lyla!!! So nice of you to come by. We’ll be by later to say Hi to you. You know, you might be on to something with the KRYPTONITE theory!!! LOL Up,up, and away…………..

  6. lol I guess it was not meant to die yet. Probably was a lucky Pumpkin! LOL!
    It probably will die soon though. I kind of agree with Iviss. Makes Sense.

  7. 2 or 3 year life span seems a bit far fetched.
    I think the Zombie Pumpkin or Kryptonite/Radioactive Spider theories are definitely a bit more believable

  8. I’ve found that pumpkins, squash and those kinds of vegetables can really live a long time. “Back in the day,” people would harvest their gardens and put it in their cellars and they lasted all winter. Maybe it has something to do with the “thick skin” on these particular types. I know potatoes and onions and carrots can go a year if stored properly.

    I’m just like you Luisa. I can’t through any “live” thing away. I still have some flower pots hanging on my deck because when I did the winter put away last fall the flowers were still alive and then we got snow and freezing temps and they died that death but I left them hanging because I knew the pots were safer there than on the deck where they’d have gotten buried with snow.

    I had a little tiny pumpkin that I picked up last fall that I had sitting on my windowsill and it lasted months and months. I picked it up one day in January and it was completely rotten on the bottom but it didn’t ooze anything or smell but it was dying or already dead. I can throw it out then. I put it in my deer feeders and they really thought it was a good treat.

    Good farming L.

    • Thanks, Joy! I think because I have it sitting on my front porch instead of on the ground, it is protected from all the little critters and bugs and has more of a fighting chance!!! LOL I will let it “LIVE” as long as it wants!!! I like the decor!!! Hahahahaha Running late today, will be by asap!!!! LOL

  9. What a wonderful pumpkin! I think it is miraculous how anything can grow. I hope you will help us this year with growing our gardens, that is a fine specimen. If it has the will to live, I say let it sit till it turns green.

    • Starla, this pumpkin ain’t going anywheres!!! I love it! I think it is amusing to my whole family! We are “attached to it!” Hope you are having a great Saturday! Running late, will be by soon!

  10. You must grow some “super powered” pumpkins Luisa! That’s amazing! I have never had a pumpkin last long after Halloween.

    • Well, now that you all know that I have been married for 24 years, I will let you in on another” secret.” One of my sons helped!!! He is also shy and does not want anything to do with his moms “stupid blog!” LOL LMAO

  11. Lol thanks 😀

  12. My brother took his BB gun to ours!!!! SAD!!!

  13. Hey Luisa, here is the info for the reply dealybop.
    This is what you need to do.

    In your dashboard go to “Settings”, “Discussion”, in the section “Other Comment Settings” check the Enable threaded (nested) comments. Then you can choose from 1 to 10 comments to have threaded.

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