Could I be related to Jay Leno?????

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Image Hosted by

Now just look, for a second. The chin looks the same to me! Compare those noses…huh ??He is Italian, so am I! Look at his eyes, same! He is really funny, I am so so! I mean, really??? Someone call the “Tonight Show” for me! I want to be a guest!!! LOL

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  1. My vote is a YES! You do look alike! Tonight Show for you in the future. Good one!

  2. Another YES vote!!!!! ROFL
    Look out, Jay!!!

  3. A most definite YES from me. Someone told me today I look like a celebrity but I will keep it secret for a later post.

  4. But he is refusing to smile fully. Seems to be making an attempt . however. Coming to the main issue on hand , yes , there is some resemblance. Funny people look alike.

  5. hehe thats funny 😀
    Looks kind of similiar, so its a YES!

    wow your an italian? I love the food! Pasta, Pizza, yummmmmmm! 😀 and oh tomatoy food is delicous!

    • Well Brownie, I am 100% Italiano! I feel more Italian than American!! I am so tired of the same food, but I eat it anyways!!!!! My favorite is eggplant parmesan! Ever have any?????

  6. LMAO!!! Be sure to let us know the night your on!!!!

  7. Wow, you and Jay could pass as brother and sister. At LEAST first cousins! ROFLMAO!!

    • Gary, I would have to say I agree with you!! My brother, Mario could be his twin!!! He would not let me post his photo!!! He is too shy!!! Maybe I will …later on, if I pay him off…or send Vinnie!!!! LOL Coming by soon to your place…running late today!!!!!! *(*

  8. Dr.Phil was my guess too, I could use some counseling. It would be good to have a therapist in the blogging house! Let see Ask Tony….Aka Dr.Phil. hmmm and yes Doraz a distant relative at least with Jay.

  9. Very pretty picture, nice teeth too. ;+) you must floss. ;+)


  11. Send cousin vinny over to your brother’s for a little “visit”. 😀

  12. FOR SURE!!!!!

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