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More on TWINS………..*

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

There’s two to wash
There’s two to dry,
There’s two who argue
There’s two who cry.

One’s in the mud
Having a ball
The other holds a crayon
Another marked wall.

Some days seem endless
My patience grows thin.
Why was I chosen
To be a Mother of Twins?

The answer comes clear
At the end of each day,
As I tuck them in bed
And to myself I say.

There’s two to kiss
There’s two to hug.
And best of all
There’s two to love.



12 Responses

  1. Two diapers to put.

  2. LOL….I like it!

    Do you have twins Luisa??

  3. Twins are cool! šŸ˜€ My grandfather was an identical twin.

  4. My twins are grown up,they would probably cringe if they knew I was doing this ! I loved them when they were tiny and I love them now. I adore the verse posted by Doraz it is soo true . Make the most of them no matter how many you are blessed with !!!!

    • Rapda, how lucky you are to have twins! I bet they are double the fun! Are they identical? Were you one of the moms who dressed them the same????? Thanks for coming by! Hope to see you again! Have a great weekend!

  5. AAaawww….my sister in law had triplets with no fertility drugs. What a lot of work that was when they were small.

  6. Your grandfather , I am sure, has a lot of fun stories to tell about his childhood…right , Gary?

  7. Yes, the triplets turn 13 this month. Two girls and a boy. I’m godmother to one of the girls.

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