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Cockatiel Humor with Doraz & Gang…………*

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


A man finally gets his prescription for Viagra. Anxious to try it out, he takes one as soon as he gets home, and waits for his wife to come home from work, but, in his excitement he forgets and leaves the package open on the table and his cockatiel eats all of them.

Seeing the results and panicking the man grabs the bird and stuffs him into the freezer to cool off.

Unfortunately, his Viagra kicks in just as his wife comes home and it is hours later before he remembers the cockatiel. He runs and looks in the freezer expecting the worst, only to find the bird breathing heavily, drained with sweat and totally exhausted.

“What happened?” the man asks, “You were in there for hours and yet you’re not only alive but you’re sweating like crazy?”

The cockatiel pants: “Man, have you ever tried to pry apart the legs a frozen chicken?”


20 Responses

  1. They FINALLY made it to your blog Doraz! Cute!!!

  2. Ha! LOVE IT!! I used to have a cockatiel many years ago. Nice photo! Do yours talk at all?

    • They sing~~~all day long!!! They hear my car when I pull in the driveway, and start going at it full force! They also fly all over the place, if I am lazy in getting their wings clipped! They always land on my shoulders! Birds are funny! They are in the dinosaur family, you know! They can be so lovable, yet mean, too!!!! But, not Scooter, Bug, Or Pilot…of course!! Ha Ha Ha

  3. some people eat chicken bones and all. what a sight.
    i hope no one eats the birdies!

  4. Remember that little conversation about your age Luisa? Looking at this photo I’m guessing 23? 😀

  5. OMG!!! That is terrible AND hilarious at the same time!!!!!!!!!!! I’m LMAO!!

    • Glad to help make your Friday a little more interesting and fun, Joy! That is me with the birdies, you know? I would NEVER put them in the freezer! Ha Ha Ha

  6. OH MY GOD well done bird lady!

  7. If it smells like fish and taste like chicken you have it made!

  8. I love the adds that say if you have an erection lasting longer than four hours consult a doctor. My wife says that is so you can get it stiched back on after your spouse cuts it off!

  9. Hey I just noticed your vest, do you ride a motorcycle?

  10. Very interesting site. Hope it will always be alive!

  11. xanax…. I will do my best!! Thanks! I appreciate you stopping by and spending some time with us!!!!

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