Samoas Heaven………. *)*

To ALL my blogger friends who never heard of Samoa Cookies. Geez, what a shame????

Samoas® or Caramel deLites®: These are round doughnut-shaped cookies about two inches in diameter with a hole in the center, covered in caramel and toasted coconut, and then striped with chocolate. Samoas® are made by Little Brownie Bakers. The ABC version is called Caramel deLites®.

There you have it folks!!!! Enjoy!!!!!


11 Responses

  1. We are addicted at this house. Did you have to remind me I have some. You know where I am going!!!!!!!

  2. What does the ABC version mean. Are Girl Scout cookies called different things in different area’s? We have Carmel Delights here and they are GS cookies. They aren’t called Samoa’s here. Weird.


  4. We call them biscuits here. Tastes the same .

  5. Same here Joy! They are Caramel Delights here also. Never seen a Samoa here either. Weird!

  6. Well, Iviss…you win the prize for the strangest name for a Samoas cookie!!!! LOL
    Gary and Joy, who cares what they are called…right…just eat em!!!LOL LMAO!!!

  7. They used to be called Samoas back when I was a GS but now they are Caramel Delights. They are excellent frozen too just like the ever famous Thin Mints!
    I was made because my GS cookies came in on Ash Wednesday and that is when Lent began which means that is when I could not eat chocolate any more! 😦 I told my girls they better save me at least a few cookies from each box!

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