Time for a cup of coffee?…….Happy Middle of the Week!!!

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Well, it is the middle of the week! Thought it would be a good time to stop in and have some coffee with you! Things have a way of slowing down to a more workable speed on Wednesdays, huh? We just have a few more days to go, and it is the weekend! YES! I always meet my friend, Deb for lunch on Wednesday. She is a teacher friend who only gets 45 minutes, but we always have a lot of fun anyway! We usually make a quick run to a local place that we can get food fast, and we sit and gossip the rest of the time! Some days we even treat ourselves to an ice cream, on the way back to her school! She and I really look forward to our lunches! We always seem to be in “happy” moods on Wednesday, the middle of the work week! So, hope you are all enjoying the week , so far! Make some “different” plans for the weekend, surprise someone! I plan on spending some “fun time” with a few friends, basically doing nothing special…we usually just go with the flow! What can I say? That’s California for ya! So, nice having a cup of coffee with you and catching up on things…for a bit anyways! Have a GREAT rest of the week! Oh, by the way…I made the coffee regular for you, not decaf! See, I remembered!

Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz

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  1. Thanks for the coffee! My week is looking good. Weekend we go fishing!!!!

  2. Nice catching up on things. Happy rest of the week. This weekend we go shopping for a new crockpot! The old one finally died! Ha Ha Ha

  3. It’s 2:45 am & I’ve just finished a coffee. This post ties in nicely with the one I just posted.

    • Well, Tony nice having a cup of coffee with ya. Next time I will bring more milk! ROFL I read your post. Loved it! Hope you find out who the culprit is in your office!! LOL

  4. Thanks for the delicious coffee Luisa! I’m glad you remembered NO DECAF! 😀 I hope you and Deb have a GREAT lunch!!

  5. First of all, I LOVE that pouring coffee pot up there!! That is so welcoming and cool. I may steal it for future use. I LOVE IT! Second, we don’t have Tim Horton’s in Minnesota. I go there when I’m in Canada. I love Tim’s. They have the best doughnut holes I’ve ever had!! *sh* did I say that out loud?? Ooopsss…I mean, I never eat them. I only go for the coffee!!! LMAO!!!

    I’m having a nice day today. Sue’s mom and I are taking care of the kids while they are in Hawaii and it’s been tiring. I’ve had them for a long stretch and the other grandma has them till tomorrow night so I plan on a reading day. Just sitting and relaxing.

    Thanks for the coffee, it’s been great.

    • Joy, do not worry ,I won’t tell!!! ROFL… Glad you liked the coffee. You are welcome to take it over to your house, any time! LOL I think it is great when grandmother’s are watching the grandkids when the parents are not around. The BEST care ever!!! You get to see the grandkids, full blast. hahahahaha Enjoy your reading this weekend. Good Book??

  6. Much better now that Ive had coffee with you. Hump day how bad can that be? Wednesday lunches that sounds fun.

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