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28 Responses

  1. Hmm, I can’t think of anything that I never leave without … if I’m going to be driving a long distance I always have my iPod to play through the car stereo … I usually have my cell phone … if I’m going to be outdoors I bring a hat and sunglasses because I hate sunlight (which obviously is why I live in California) …

    • I keep a baseball cap and sunglasses in my car for the same reason! I feel funny if I do not have my phone. I wonder what I did before I had that thing! Oh, I had a pager. Remember those??? I was always looking for a pay phone after that thing went off! Now a days, I do not even see a pay phone around!!!

  2. I would go nuts without my cell phone! Got to have it!!!

  3. A girl has got to have her lipstick! If I forget that, I go buy more, right away! Needless to say, I have quite the collection! LOL

  4. I NEVER leave the house without my cell phone, nitro pills, lighter and my Marlboro’s. OH, and clothes. 😀

  5. My cigarettes and lighter. I didn’t know you smoked Gary.

  6. Come to think of it, I don’t even leave the room without my cigarettes!!

  7. Yep, I am a second class citizen right along with you Joy. (bowing head in shame) 😀

  8. I did Luisa, yes. I had a nice looooong run of streaking but I thought it was time to hang it up and start dressing again.

  9. Why Gary, without us, who would pay for health care for inner city kids? And new sports arena’s?

  10. That’s true Joy! I never thought of it that way! I guess smoking is a GOOD thing?? LOL

  11. I am a considerate smoker, I always have been. I don’t smoke in my house or in my car for the sake of my wife and kids. I don’t smoke in our camper either. I only smoke outside.

  12. Sorry Luisa! I suppose I could make a “special streak” if your ever in town. You know, when we go for that cup of coffee. 😀

  13. My cellphone ,specs,comb and quite a lot of unnecessary things. .Many a time I leave back my common sense.

  14. a right mind. don’t leave home without it.

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