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No Question is a Dumb Question, am I Right?…..*)*

I can just feel a bunch of you out there are just screaming at this question, right? Oh, was that a dumb question? No, I guess not since that is what this post is going to be about. It is on topic, right?
I guess if a question is on the topic that is being discussed, it is appropriate. Then that means, if the question is “way out there” and makes NO sense to ask…at that time….Is it a dumb question? Well, I would have to say YES! Let me explain, OK? If you are talking about the price of groceries and how you noticed that items are going up, and a friend you are with looks right at you and asks, “So, what is that guy doing over there?”…am I suppose to stop what I am discussing with someone and LOOK? Now, what did her question have to do with the price of food? Was she having “a moment” where she was just out in la la land???? I mean. wasn’t that a dumb question to ask, at that time? So, I do believe that no question is a dumb question….you are dumb if you do not ask it….BUT, I do believe it needs to be AT THE RIGHT TIME, and should “Go With The Flow” of a conversation. Oh well, just my opinion!

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Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz


21 Responses

  1. I guess what you are saying makes sense to me. I only have one question, ” Who’s that guy over there!” LOL HA HA HA

  2. I guess so. I just ask a question about anything at any time relevant or not. If I have a question then I just like to ask it before I forget or the moment in question passes then the question won’t matter any more or be relevant to the questionable question, Any questions???

  3. BTW who is that guy over there???

  4. I guess if the guy over there is holding a gun than it’s probably a relevant question … or if he’s marking down groceries.
    So … who was the guy over there? or was that just a hypothetical guy over there?

    • Ross, it was just a cute guy that my friend was drooling over! If he were marking down groceries, he would have been even cuter! Ha Ha Now, the gun thing…..you make a GREAT point….just shut me up and tell me quick!!! LOL

  5. I did a post on stupid questions a while back because I think we all ask them. I feel one of the biggest reasons is it’s just something to say. Some people are uncomfortable in silence so they will just say anything. BUT…if your in the middle of a conversation about something and you get interrupted about something completely different than what your talking about, I just think that’s rude. Or immature. Don’tcha think?? I would lose my whole train of thought.

    • Well Joy, now you have got inside my crazy head and figured out what I was referring to! It is that situation EXACTLY! I do not mind “chit chat” , but if people are “on a topic,” stick with it please! *)*

  6. I agree with you Luisa! I think if someone really doesn’t know something or is in question of something, they should ask. However, the question should have something to do with the relevance of the conversation.

    Just my 2 cents worth. 🙂

  7. I think I’m just gonna sit a listen here.;+) LOL

  8. Well that’s not fair! How come WE have to answer the question but STARLA doesn’t have to?

    I guess some people are more special than others here. ROFLMAO!!!

  9. Well Starla, what do you have to say about that? hahahahahaha

  10. I guess so Gary! *walking away thinking life isn’t fair*!!! LMAO!!!

  11. Now Joy, us girls gotta stick together! hahahahahahaha

  12. OHHHHHH, and NOW you are trying to turn JOY against me!

    Wow, I’m really stirring the pot today huh??? ROFLMAO!

    • Gary, we all know “how you are!!!” hahahahaha It is NO fun for you in life if we gals aren’t pulling at each others ponytails!hahahahahaha~~~~~~It makes life more “interesting” with OUR GARY around! LOLt

  13. May be the friend thought the discussion on price could wait but the guy may vanish unlike the price rise.

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