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  1. I had Spanish in school a while back. I remember some of it. Does that count? LOL

  2. I speak Tasmanian version of Australian. If you’re in another country & reading this then I guess my language is foreign

    • Tony, I think you should do a show for us where we can hear that unique language of yours!! LOL The whole world awaits Tony, so let’s get busy! Hope you have a week where people ask you lots of dumb questions! Then you can respond with that language of your’s! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

  3. A little Russian, although I can read it better than I can speak it. I am more fluent in French.

  4. I can speak a little ebonics but not fluently. 🙂

    That’s about it for me.

  5. I took French in school but I didn’t retain to much of it. Since Toby and Sue have gone to Hawaii and I’ve had the kids, I’ve begun to speak Toddler.

  6. I took French for 5 years and only got to French 2. I remember how to say “I don’t know” , Je ne sais pas and “Shut Up”, S’il vous plaît fermer la bouche.

    I now understand mumble rather well since that is what my teen speaks! 🙂

  7. LOL…..what would you do without me Luisa?? ROFLMAO!!

  8. I love it Joy, maybe you and Just a Mom should get together on that book!hahahahaha

  9. Hey, throw everyone int ot…it would be a best seller!

  10. We have many languages in our country(almost one for each state) that most of them are foreign to people from others states.
    As for me the only foreign language I can speak is English
    .I speak, read and write Malayalam ( my mother tongue) I can speak, read and write Tamil, read and write Hindi .Can follow a bit of Telugu.

    • Iviss, you win the contest! Boy, you can speak a lot of different languages! That is excellent! I can only speak Italian….slang, Spanish, and English~~~on most days~ Ha Ha Ha

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