13 Responses

  1. ADORABLE!!!!!!

  2. A double AWWWW from me.


  3. That kitten is darling. I love kittens but I don’t know what it is with monkey’s. They kind of creep me out. My daughter in law would love one and I’m eewww…..I think they are to “human” like. Does that make sense??? Happy Monday.

    • Joy, believe it or not~~~~I understand what you are saying~ Hope you have a fun week and have some crazy things planned to keep you from getting bored! hahahahahahaha *)*


    The look like best buds!!

  5. Oooooops, I meant…..AAAWWWWWWWWWWW!

    “Brain Fart”

  6. It’s probably just me, but I am suspicious of that monkey’s intentions …

  7. Excuse me Gary

  8. Good boy~~~Gary! *)*

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