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An Inspiation for Pet Lover’s, Everywhere!……….*)*

This is a story about a dog who was born on Christmas Eve in 2002.
He was born with 3 legs – 2 healthy hind legs and 1 abnormal front leg which needed to be amputated.
He of course could not walk when he was born. Even his mother did not want him.

He was rejected and scorned.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

His first owner also did not think he could survive. Therefore, he was thinking of putting him to sleep.
At that time, his present owner, Jude Stringfellow, came into his life and wanted to take care of him.
She was determined to teach and train this dog to walk by himself. She thought, all we need is a little faith.

Therefore, she named him ‘Faith.’

In the beginning, she put Faith on a surf board to let him feel the movements of the water.

Later she used peanut butter on a spoon as a lure and to reward him for standing up and jumping around.
Even the other dogs at home helped to encourage him to walk.
Amazingly, after only 6 months, like a miracle, Faith learned to balance on his 2 hind legs and
jumped to move forward.

After further training in the snow, he can now walk like a human being.

Faith loves to walk around now.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

No matter where he goes, he attracts all the people around him.
He’s now becoming famous on the international scene. He has appeared in various newspapers and TV shows.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

There is a book entitled ‘With a little faith’ being published about him.

He was even considered to appear in one of Harry Potter movies.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

His present owner, Jude Stringfellow, has given up her teaching job and plans to take him
around the world to show
‘that even without a perfect body one can have a perfect soul.’
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

In life there are always undesirable things.

Perhaps a person who feels things are not going as well as they could will feel better if they change their point of view

and see things from another perspective.

Perhaps this message will bring fresh new ways of thinking to everyone.

Perhaps everyone can appreciate and

be thankful for each beautiful day that follows.

Life is the continual demonstration of the power of thinking positive and having faith.

Believe in yourself.

Never lose faith.

Thanks Pam!

13 Responses

  1. What a lovely story, very heartwarming! We should all love our pets as this woman does. The world would be better for it!

  2. This is so amazing, so sweet! This lady got determination, committment, courage and many more qualties that not many would not have. She believed she could make it that far with her pet and succeeded, I congratulate her for doing it so well and opening the eyes of the world of never losing faith/hope is all about!

    I agree with Kelly, if there were more people like her, the world would be in a better place.

    It’s also sad that this pet was born disabled, but is so glad that he never was put to sleep and resuced his current owner! May he have a long and happy life with his current owner and family. This is the kind of hope we all shoild be having when we have troubles or bad times…

    Thanks for sharing! 😀 Really like this, and I intend to show to my boyfriend! *thumbs up!*

  3. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, which I felt were coming from the “heart.” I was VERY touched by the courage and love shown in this story. I appreciate all of the comments I received, so far. I also wish more people in this world felt the same way.

  4. I also feel this is a very touching story that shows us there are some people in this world who have love and compassion for the disabled. I also wish more of us felt this way. Lovely story to share.

  5. I saw this story on TV some time ago & almost cried. He is such a brave little fellow. How beautiful

  6. It’s a very sweet story,it’s hard to imagine he was rejected and scorned. But now he looks so happy. I love his smile. I think happy dogs have such great smiles.

  7. Wow, this really touched me as well. I would have done just what this lady did. I’m just an animal lover that way. How sad to be rejected like that by your own mother. But he triumphed and overcame. What a great way to start my day. Thank you Luisa.

  8. Wow, what a great story! The world really would be a nicer place with more people like this lady. Good for her and good for Faith! AWESOME!

    Now I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Thanks Luisa! 😀

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