Just Thought I’d Ask You This Question?……….2/28 *(*


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Do you feel WISDOM means the same as INTELLIGENCE?

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  1. Intelligence is knowing facts.
    Wisdom is knowing and doing the right things so I would say the two are not the same.

  2. I feel if a person is intelligent enough to figure something out in any given situation, they gain the wisdom they need in life. So, in a way they are the same.

  3. I think I am leaning towards the same answer as Kelly. I think they are the same. If you have wisdom, don’t you also have to be smart? I think they go hand in hand. Interesting.

  4. No I don’t think they are even close to the same thing. I feel intelligence is something you are born with and wisdom has been learned by experience.

  5. I agree with Joy. I don’t think they are the same at all. I think intelligence is something that is learned in a classroom, from books, etc. and wisdom is learned from life experiences and listening to your elders.

    • Gary and Joy, this all started because I was doing research on this topic. Here is what it say in Wikepedia.
      Wisdom is knowledge, understanding, experience, discretion, and intuitive understanding, along with a capacity to apply these qualities well towards finding solutions to problems. It is the judicious and purposeful application of knowledge that is valued in society. To some extent the terms wisdom and intelligence have similar and overlapping meanings. The status of wisdom or prudence as a virtue is recognized in cultural, philosophical
      and religious sources.

  6. Now what does everybody think? *)*

  7. lordy no. there’s no’ book of intelligence’ in the bible.
    right doraz?

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