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Whatever Works For You…….. *)*

I just had a night out with my friends, and BOY..did I find out some stuff I was better off NOT knowing! The more “spirits” they had, the more “spirited” the evening became! We were talking about lots of things, like the new President, the economy, the housing market, and whether or not our significant others wore underwear! You know, all that “normal” stuff we girls talk about! Well, a couple of my girlfriends told EVERYONE who would listen, “My husband doesn’t wear any underwear, ever!” Now, at first, I just looked at them with my mouth open, then I got to thinking. Some underwear can be a pain in the butt, literally! I hate underwear that creeps up…personally! It does take a while to finally find some you like, only to have them discontinued! Underwear is an item I would NOT want to buy used on EBay! So, I got to thinking, maybe not wearing any underwear might be alright. *)* So, what I decided was~~~~~~~~~~I’LL NEVER TELL! *)*

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Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz

14 Responses

  1. Where does it say you need to wear underwear, anyways???

  2. I would go crazy if I did not wear my undergarments. I guess to each his own, but????

  3. I haven’t worn undies in more than 10 years. I can’t stand it. YOU ASKED!!!

  4. Well, like Joy said, you asked. I like to wear the “old lady” type! Comfy for me!

  5. I am SO happy to see you have all found a “comfy zone” when it comes to your underwear! Over the years, to be honest…I have tried various tactics! LOL *)*

  6. ROFL!! I know what you decided Luisa!! You are going “commando” RIGHT NOW aren’t you??? LOL

  7. I am putting my fingers in my ears and yelling No, NO, No at the top of my lungs!

    As my kids say TMI! 🙂

  8. Too funny, Just a Mom! LOL

  9. I just thought I’d check out who wear’s boxer or brief’s and who goes commando. This one I’ll plead the fifth on, a girl’s gotta have a little mystery?

  10. Wearing 2nd hand underwear Gag, gag, gag…
    I have seen people buying them in 2nd hand shops like the Salvation Army etc. How could they??? I wouldn’t care how poverty stricken I was, undies have to be brand new.
    G strings are bad enough let alone no undies. Sometimes see women & it’s obvious they have a g string on or no undies ‘cos it looks like after they put their pants on they use a stick to push the seam of their pants right up their butt crack. Undies prevent this look, not a good look at all.

  11. Starla, no problem! It can be “your little secret!”

  12. But Tony, some girls hate that you can see the “line” on their clothes, meaning pants. They would rather go with the G String, you so love! A lot of girls I know even wear guys boxers! They look cool, as shorts during the summer months or to sleep in. *)* Stop laughing, Tony!

  13. Joy, I just realized that you were probably able to open a savings account with all the money you have saved , over the last ten years! You must have a nice “nest egg!” Smart girl! *)*

  14. I’m sure I’ve spent it on many other things Luisa. LOL!!!

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