What Brain Invented the Crockpot?……….*)*

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When I first received a crock pot as a gift from my Aunt Kelly, I just looked at her! I grew up in a home that did not even know what a crock pot was! Italians don’t DO crock pots! So, I just made a face and said, “Gee, thanks!” Then I set it down and was trying to go to my next gift when my Aunt Kelly said, “That’s ALL you are going to say?” Then I felt bad. I said, “What?” She said, “Don’t WHAT me, open it!” You are NOT bringing this back! ( She knows me!) I said, “OK!” When I opened it, she immediately pointed out the cookbook. I turned the pages and thought, “Some of this stuff looks pretty good.” I then could not put the crock pot down! I was getting hooked! *(* I thought it was pretty cool how you could just put a bunch of ingredients into this thing, turn it on, and let it do ALL the work! My kind of gift! I gave my Aunt Kelly a big hug, she smiled, and we gave each other “that look” that says, “Understood.” Now, I use my crock pot ALL the time! *)* I have corn chowder to go eat! Gotta go! What’s your story with crock pots? Just wondering!

Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz


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  1. Are they for cooking crocodiles in??? Just wonderin’

  2. My friend uses her crock pot all the time. She love it. I would like to learn more about using a crock pot. She works full time so she loves coming home from work and having dinner ready. I think that’s a great thing after a long day.

    • Well, starla…I like to use it when I am in a hurry. At first, like Joy, I was afraid to leave it on when I was not home. So, I was a bit hesitant. I still worry, but it helps me a lot to have it! Hope you decide to try one out! Maybe for that pot luck? *(*

  3. I used to love my crock pot “back in the day” but I could count on one hand how many times I’ve used it over the last 5 years. They are wonderful for when your not home but I’m home now. I love to make soups, chili’s and such but I don’t need the crock pot now that I’m here. I have about 4 different sizes of those pots and I do use them sometimes for football Sunday’s but for keeping things warm. I’ll make chicken wings and then put them in there to keep them warm. I have a really small one I’ll use for cheese dips also for Sunday’s.

    I have this thing that’s made by “Rival” that you can do everything from slow cooking to deep frying that I use all the time but the “slow cooking” of crock pots I just don’t do anymore. I like this thing because I do things like taco’s or sloppy joes in there that you can brown the meat and also keep warm in the same “pot” so you don’t have all the dishes of the frying pan and stuff. You can do it all in one. Crock pots take so darn long.

    I also have a little (HUGE) problem with things with “heat” on when I’m not home. I am very paranoid about fires. I won’t even leave home with my coffee pot on. That’s another post πŸ™‚

    • Joy, you are too funny! I will be looking for that post! I NEVER leave my house without doing “my routine!” I was also wondering, when I first got the crock pot…if it was safe to leave on when I was not home! So far, no explosions! *(*

  4. I use our crock pot all the time. At least once a week. I think meat cooked nice and slow in a crock pot is the best. Nice and juicy, tender and full of flavor every time. I cook chili, stews and soups a lot in it too. I couldn’t live without it!!! πŸ™‚

  5. Well that wasn’t nice Luisa!! πŸ™‚

  6. I love cooking with my crock pot. Now that autumn is here I’m really getting into cooking again. Thanks for the great article!

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