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48 Responses

  1. Yes,
    These are the faces of great indian leader – including Gandhi, Nehru and many more.

  2. Not yet!!!!

  3. it’s too easy. who out there couldn’t see them?

  4. If some one can help me I will try.

  5. It took me a while but I found them. That’s cool!!! 🙂

  6. I STILL can’t see them. Iviss!

  7. Yup, I saw all ten very cool!

  8. Once you see one face the rest are easy.

  9. It took the longest time for me on this one, Electronic! When I finally saw, like you said…easy! UGH!!! Oh, I went by your site…very interesting stuff!!!

  10. Thanks for visiting my site Doraz. I have to tell you i am completely hooked. I really think this product will change a lot of peoples lives. Better to never smoke at all, but this is a great alternative.

    It only took me a couple of seconds to see the first and then looking at all of this rest made for a really cool picture. I wish i was creative.

  11. All I can see is a tree. 😦

    Some-one start me off please.

    • I hated this one!!! I was the same as you, clover!!!! Start at the bottom of the tree, go up a little ways…two heads..facing tree…nose first!!! See them?????

  12. I count 11 but the tree of life should have the magic number 11

  13. look at the right bottom there is 3 faces there

  14. I have counted and counted and still come up with 11

  15. Doraz look at the faces not the damn tree!

  16. You green thumb people are all the same!

  17. LOL my wife would not see anything but the damn tree, too!

  18. Ok Doraz I put something on my site just for you! Go check it out!

  19. My super smart, seven year old granddaughter found all ten and pointed them out to me.

  20. yeah ive seen it… great! nice drawing.

  21. I would say 10 adults and a baby face (makes 11)

  22. Yup i can see all 10 faces…

  23. I love these kinds of puzzles – visual stimulation!

  24. I saw 3 more besides the ones already encircled.

  25. One more… the one on the ground.

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