LOVE FROM A DAD*………….a poem*

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You will always be my little girl
Don’t you ever forget that is the case
I will keep you safe and watch over you
Even after I have passed from this place

You take time to see what is around you
Learn all there is to learn with zest
Always maintain your dignity and patience
Even when you are put to the toughest test

People have knowledge to share
Listen and care to understand
Do not be too quick to think
They would not be willing to lend a helping hand

Laugh, smile, live and enjoy
Do not be too serious with your woes and cares
For they too will be sure to pass
Have faith, hope, and love…for many,many years

I was proud of you since the day you were born
I was impressed with everything you learned to do
Don’t ever forget where you came from
Don’t ever forget I will always love you

11 Responses

  1. A father who loves his children is a father who lives forever in them! Lovely.

  2. That’s AWESOME! Did you write that Luisa?

  3. I’m impressed! That’s an awesome poem!

    He does live on in you Luisa. Keep him close to your heart and always in your thoughts. 🙂

  4. WOW! That was a wonderful poem! Thank You. In a matter of minutes viewing your blogg I have laughed at the dogs and now cried reading your poem. What a great poem. ;+).

  5. can’t an uncle get any respect?

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