In Appreciation of MOMS*….Past, Present, and Future….

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First, I want to start off by saying that I also feel DADS should be appreciated, so I promise to write a story for you Dads, too! Today, though…It’s all about being a MOM! I feel that every day should be Mother’s Day, cause Moms make every day…Your Day! Just think for a moment. Isn’t your Mom always there if you need her, last minute? My Mom is! One night, not too long ago, I was not feeling so hot, so my mom came over with some minestrone soup! It was even homemade! I think what helped me get better, so quickly was the fact that someone on this planet actually cared about me! They put their own needs aside and made my needs their priority. Now, that’s what a Mom is suppose to do! I am sure that those of you out there that have had the misfortune of losing your Mom, never knowing your Mom, or having a bad relationship with your Mom, would take my Mom any day! I wish I could share her, so you could also feel the love and nurturing that we all need. A true Mom loves unconditionally! My Mom never sets limitations on her love! It comes freely and naturally! For those of you who are expecting your first baby…Congratulations! Cherish all the moments you have with your children….good or bad! The fact is…at least you have the honor of being allowed that moment. Do not ever take those moments for granted! So, I sent all you MOMS out there a rose, in honor of your love for your family! If you feel you need to work on some of your relationships, all you need is time and patience! It will happen!

Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz

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  1. Dads work to make both ends meet ,But mom gives happiness much more than words can say. Do these words sound familiar.

  2. It’s true, moms are special people! I miss mine dearly.

  3. How I wish I had a relationship like this with my mother. I do have it with my father though. My mother was put on earth to find fault with me. If/when I do get sick, I must have done something I shouldn’t have. I don’t “dwell” on it anymore. After 51 years, it’s just the way it is and I accept it and love her anyway. I also owe her for teaching me to mother. The exact opposite way she is. Thank goodness for my grandmother also.

    • Joy, you bring up an interesting point. Some people who have the title of “Mom” just do not seem to understand it like we think it ought to be! I learned a lot of things from my mom that I did not want to repeat either! For example, she has no tact! She will just blurt out stuff without worrying about “your” feelings! I figured out a long time ago, that’s the way this person wants to be…fine, it’s their life!-)* Now, I just laugh!

  4. Your Mom sounds wonderful Doraz ,even if she has no Homemade soup how nice to be mommied ,when your sick. I sent my Father a Mothers Day card once because he’s mothered me and loved me unconditionally. He’s always been there for me. It deeply saddens me to feel orphaned by my mother for a long time. If it were not for my father I don’t know how I would have made it in the world.

    • Your dad is the person I was talking about! I know that there are dads in this world that should get an A+++, but are overlooked! It is great you have the relationship you do! I lost my dad, my friend, in 1987. It is hard to this day! It is sad what parents miss out of in life due to their ignorance of child rearing.

  5. My mom taught me to not take myself or life too seriously. I am glad she did because in doing so I enjoyed the short 26 years that we had together. Hopefully I am passing that onto my girls.
    When my kids don’t like something I do I tell them, “When you have kids you can make the rules, until then you have to follow mine!”

    • I am so sorry you do not have your mom, today. I am sure you have lots of great memories of the time you did have together. It is great the way you are teaching your kids how life in a true family works! You’re having lots of fun, too!Thank you for sharing.

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