Just Thought I’d Ask You This Question……….2/17*

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Be honest now……..How often do you floss your teeth?,

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  1. When I get something stuck in my teeth or twice a week, whichever comes sooner.

  2. I try to remember every night before bed. I get lazy with it though.

  3. I hate to floss! I floss for about a week after my dentist does his cleaning but then I end up not doing it at all!
    I know shame on me! 😦

    • Just a Mom, isn’t it annoying? I hate to floss, but the dentist says it is important…the older you get! He also says that a person was flosses on a regular basis tends to look younger! True? I think its a ploy to get me to floss!-)*

  4. No kidding….about 4 times a day if not more. It’s a habit I developed before I got my teeth fixed after years of not going to the dentist. Some of my teeth were rotten and had to be flossed because they were so sharp and things got stuck. Now that they are all fixed and look wonderful, I’ve kept that habit.

    • You said the madic word..habit! It is tough to get into one for me! I try to floss as often as possible! Every night I do, for sure…but, the dentist says I need to do more! Ugh!!!

  5. Maybe once a week, if that. Usually after I come from the dentist. I do my molars more than the others though.

  6. Donna my dental hygienist says “once a day is OK, it brakes up the bacteria. “She said” it doesn’t matter what time.” That actually helped me usually I’m too tired before bed,so I floss every day when my energy’s up around 10 am. I heard it takes 2 weeks to create a new good habit. After having a red angry patch on my gum’s. Flossing and act mouthwash and a good cleaning. Viola much better.More than you ever wanted to know lol I’m a big fan of flossing . ;+) nice smile huh?

  7. I think most people really dislike flossing and I’m no exception. I know I should floss more often but I floss about once every other day. (blush) 🙂

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