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I was just sitting here thinking about some things. I know, you saying, “Oh No!” Really, they are nice things I am reflecting on that have to do with part of my personality. No, its not the “crazy” part! No, I am not having one of those “hot” moments! I am talking about the part of me that LOVES to do “little” things for people, just because! I am not talking about going to help a friend move because they asked me if I could. I am not talking about my neighbor asking if she could hitch a ride to the grocery store when I am going there already. Those are things that people have “asked” of me. Those I would happily do any day! What I am talking about is when “I” decide to do something just because I “feel” like doing it. Some examples are: Bringing my friend a dark chocolate candy bar because she is screaming over the noise in her house…and chocolate has been proven to quiet her in the past……Or, bringing my mom 1 red rose to brighten her day because she is feeling depressed over the fact that she can’t lose those extra pounds…I wouldn’t dare bring her chocolate when she’s feeling like this, she’d throw it at me! Or, bringing a cup of coffee to my neighbor because her coffee machine just broke…you know how it goes when you don’t get that coffee in the A.M! You know, just “little” things like this that people are not expecting. It is the element of “surprise” on their faces that I really love! So, why not give it a try. Just stick to the simple things in life you can do to brighten someone’s day. Of course, if you can afford it…….”Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!”

Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz

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  1. I like to surprise my buddies with a night out, just the guys. We have a blast, my treat!

  2. I love doing the “little things” myself. Every once in a while a slip a note into my 9 year old’s lunch and it’s even better when I slip a note into my 16 year old’s lunch money or backpack.
    We also have an elderly neighbor who lives near us so when ever I make something in my crockpot I always dish her out a meal and drop it by. She doesn’t like to cook a lot just for herself so she realy appreciates when I do this.
    I think it’s the “little things” in life that people remember the most.

  3. Those random acts of kindness, in my opinion, are the nicest and leave me feeling really sunny inside. It is different when asked for a favor. To do it because “you want” to, somehow changes the way we feel inside. I love when I’m surfing the net and see something that I think one of my kids or grandkids would like and order it and have it delivered to their house. The excitement is awesome because they have no idea “what’s coming” on that UPS truck.

  4. It is truly better to give than to receive! It is a natural rush!

  5. I like doing those “little” things too! I like to make my wife breakfast in bed from time to time when she’s not expecting it. Sometimes when I’m out, I like to get her a “I love You” card just because. I like to send her “special” text messages during the day while she is at work just so she knows I’m thinking about her.

    These “little” things can mean SO much!!! 🙂

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