Today’s Debate……….2/14*

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The man should be the one who takes the initiative on Valentine’s Day, not the woman!

8 Responses

  1. I don’t agree with that myself. I don’t think one or the other should be the only one to take the initiative. I think BOTH should take the initiative. I think it’s important for BOTH people in a relationship to share their feelings for one another for it to be a good relationship. ESPECIALLY on Valentine’s Day.

  2. Thanks Gary. One vote goes to BOTH! Let’s see what others have to say~~~~~~~~

  3. I honestly believe that valentines day is over rated because why should you wait one day out of the year to celebrate your love for your significant other.

  4. I’m with Gary. But, we are also older. When I was young, I would have waited for someone to ask me to be their valentine. But, times and things change and it’s different now.

  5. Luis, that is a GREAT idea! Your significant other is lucky to have someone who thinks like you do! Have fun!

  6. Joy, good point! Now, what did you get? Ha Ha Ha I bet your husband surprises you “often”,Smart man! like Luis said it should be! i

  7. Is not chivalry dead?

  8. Well, Dirty…it all depends who you ask! That’s a great question! Happy weekend! Thanks for stopping by!

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