OK, So I’M Addicted………*

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First off, thanks for reading this. I know you have lots of other options available to you, so thanks! Second, this is not going to be one of those mushy posts where I pledge my love to you all! It is going to be one of those posts where I comment on some things about you all. So, if you can’t handle it…RUN NOW! OK, are you still there? ~~~~~~~~~Oh, thanks. What I wanted to get at is directed towards all of you who not only are nice enough to visit my blog, but also nice enough to make comments! I must be honest and say if it were not for those comments and all those hits, I would go bye bye quick! So, millions of thanks to you all! Second, I wanted to touch on something that is a “new” strange for me. I find it “strange” that I am referring to all you guys who make comments on my blog as “friends.” I mean it is “strange” to me because I can usually be with a friend, in person, as often as possible. With you guys, I am with you everyday…but not with you everyday! Does that make sense to you?~~~~~~~So, hope you do not mind I refer to you all as “friends” and I hope if I come out to visit your way, we can meet up and have a coffee or something! OK, you ran, right? You are thinking, this girl is a strange one, quick let’s delete her! Don’t worry, I hate flying! So, I will conclude by saying, yes I am addicted to blogging. Yes, I am addicted to “my friends.” This is a good addiction…in my book!~~~~~~~~~Oh, one more thing…I suppose I could always drive to your house! Ha Ha Hai

Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz

13 Responses

  1. I do not have a blog. I think it is great what you are doing. I may try it. It looks like fun.

  2. You are a girl after my own heart as I see you like poetry, too! I have a poetry exercise featured on my blog today that you try your hand at!

    By the way, I love the “theme” of your blog!

  3. Come on by! I consider you my friend as you are one of my only visitors to my blog I sure appreciate it when you visit and yes coffee or tea sounds fun or even lunch! Come on by. :+) I talk to my husband about your blog he just smiles.

  4. I feel exactly the same way as you do about all my “friends.” I love blogging and commenting and just the general talking back and forth. I started I think because I was lonely. I never knew when I started how close it would make my family.

    Cheers to you and I’m glad to call you my friend.

  5. Morocco, you got it and….Thanks!

  6. Hello to my friend, the writer…Starla! Will be by, of course! Gotta see what happens! Thanks for the invite. At least you got your husband to smile! Ha Ha

  7. Happy weekend to my friend, Joy! Well Joy, you’re not lonely now! You have a great blog and lots of great people stopping by! Thanks for all you do…its great stuff!

  8. You have a great blog here and I am glad I checked ya out!
    Blogging is very addictive! Maybe we need to start a support group! We could set up a blog for Bloggers Anonymous. Wait, I guess that would just be helping the addiction! 🙂

  9. You are funny, Just a Mom! I am also happy you are stopping by! Hope you smile everyday! Have a great weekend!

  10. I’m glad you posted this because I feel the same way Luisa! I would consider the people that take the time to read my blog and post comments as friends. I’m addicted to blogging now and look forward to the comments I receive and visiting other blogs to leave comments.

    If you are ever in my neck of the woods, let’s have some coffee friend!

  11. Sounds great, Gary! Thanks for the compliment! I was having “one of those moments” where I felt like saying something nice to everyone I consider “friends!” Glad you feel the same way, too! Happy blogging!

  12. my dear friend..
    thanks for your kindness,
    bless your sweet heart, be sure that i feel the same.
    though my English is not fluent yet i keep hoping that it’ll convey what i feel..
    in your blog you address the reader as your friend and in my opinion it reflects some of the beautiful bounties in side you…
    keep on posting……..
    by the way have you received my e-mail?

  13. 2dew, what a very nice comment! I appreciate it! You are doing great with your English! Keep it up! Love hearing from you! By the way, I did not get your email. It might have went to spam and I just delete those all! Try again and I will look. Be sure to put it is from you! Thanks! Happy Weekend!

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