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When I have the time, I like to visit other blogs, randomly, and see what I can see. Some fellow bloggers out there really like to express themselves and write and write a lot. Others are just having a thought, and want to express that thought on their blog. I find it interesting to see the moods of people change when I read their posts. I can usually pick up when someone is happy or if someone is sad. I can usually sense disappointment and frustration in people’s perspective of their life in this world. I am glad to be able to understand how others are coping with their daily situations. On a lot of days, I pick up some very interesting and worth will points on things that apply to what is happening in my life at the same time. I guess when you think about it, all of us are the same…we just do things different times in our lives! I appreciate the honesty and willingness of others to share personal thoughts. I just wanted to tell you it does not go unnoticed. People do read what you write. So, keep blogging! Have fun! Stay as sane as humanly possible!

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  1. Thanks for the kind of encouragement we all need.

  2. I love the picture under your blog.
    You’re so right about getting pleasure and useful information by reading blogs.
    Writing down our thoughts is often therapeutic, especially during stressful times. Whatever did we do before the blog age?

  3. I’ve read an awful lot of blogs also and pretty much enjoy everyone on my blogroll but I have to say, I don’t care for the “really personal” “woe is me” ones so much.

  4. Enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  5. Thanks pastfirst! That’s what I am going to look like, if I keep blogging and blogging! You know, what did we do before blogging? So looooong ago!

  6. Thanks daryl…appreciate your taking the time to comment! Happy rest of the week!

  7. Joy, you are an observant one ! It seems like when people finally do have a chance to sit down and blog, they want to be happy and interested in something, instead of the opposite way!

  8. I’m with Joy! I read a lot of blogs also and don’t care so much for the “woe is me” blogs. I want to read something happy, positive, or fun! That must be why I spend so much time here at your blog Luisa and Joy’s blog. 🙂

  9. One more note…..I also don’t care much for the blogs where every single posts start similar to……..

    So..yeah…uh…like I got up today and so yeah took a shower.


    I can’t believe how crappy of a life I have. My life is so terrible I can’t stand it. I hate life and everyone in it.

  10. Gary, you always get me to laugh at those comments of yours! I am happy to be in the group of blogs you enjoy! I agree, Joy’s is rockin’! Gary, have you ever checked out my other blog? It is all about HUMOR. It is on my blogroll. It’s the Laugh with Doraz one! Let me know what you think!

  11. I like when people make comments on my blog. The more the better.

  12. I keep posting in a blog no one knows about for reasons beyond my reach, but the mere imagination that my words are read by others makes me pleased..
    I occasionaly visit other blogs only to be shocked at the fact how our worlds can be different and similar at the same time..
    Human feelings are universal after all…

  13. 2dew, you have to set your blog up so when we go to the comment you sent to us, we can link back to yours. Try it, you will see what I mean. What is your blog name?

  14. thanks for finding me by yourself, it ment alot to me..
    I sent you an e-mail I hope you receive it..
    By the way I liked your blog and I’ll be visiting it whenever I can..
    Takecare sweet Doraz, I hope all your wishes come true….

  15. hi there…
    wanted to thank you for taking the effort of finding my blog on your own..
    I’ve sent you an e-mail but I guess some how you didn’t receive it..
    I also want to say that I liked your blog alot and that I hope you accept me as a friend..

  16. You got it, 2dew! I will check on that email!

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