Have You Been Out With This Guy?…….

I got the following information from the March 2009 Glamour magazine I picked up today. It’s about an article written by Jake, the resident male columnist, and some advice on where you DON’T want to go in your love life. Jake says the 6 men you shouldn’t date are: 1. Rebound Guy 2. Disappearing Guy 3. Slick Guy 4. Rude Guy 5. Grabby Guy and 6. Last year’s Guy. He claims the rebound guy is in a healing state and needs to totally get over his X before he can truly appreciate someone new in his life. Makes sense to me. He claims the disappearing guys give away is erractic contact. He will give excuses and not call you on a daily basis. He claims it’s the type of guy who hasn’t seen you in a week and then calls and wants to see you in a hour! He claims the slick guy will leave you feeling rejected because he is too into his sports car and high tech phone to show you his real insecurities! He claims with the grabby guy you have to set up the respect factor when it comes to touching you! He says if you don’t do this, you’re sending the message of a green light to him! Last year’s guy, he claims, may be very tempting when you are feeling lonely…but do not go back in time. He says that what it is that made you break up in the first place, will resurface and it will happen again! He says it is better to move on! So, I think Jake brings up some interesting points. He gives the male perspective of relationships and what is going on in the guys head. Does he make sense to you? Do any of these guys sound familiar?

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  1. Over the last few months, I can say I have been out with 2 of these guys! Wow, Jake is right on the grabby guy! He also had some disappearing guy traits! If I ever find “the” one, I will be shocked! LOL

  2. OMG!
    like YES!
    Dated all types!
    Right on Jake!

  3. OMG! I can totally relate to these guys! So true! So sad! So real! life!

  4. I can HONESTLY say I have NEVER been on a date with any guy that posess these traits. Come to think of it, I have never been out on a date with a guy. ROFL!

  5. Yes, these are all true. I’d also add “make sure the reason you fell for a guy isn’t going to be the reason you UN-fall for him.” I had a “life of the party” back in the day and I loved it when we were first together but life isn’t always a “party” and it grows very old.

  6. Ok, Gary! Ha Ha Ha But, the question I have for you is, :Were you ever one of these guys?” LOL

  7. Joy , you bring up an excellent point. Life can be fun, but it isn’t party time all the time!LOL

  8. WHO ME? ROFL! I plead the 5th on this one as to not incriminate myself.

  9. You crack me up, Gary! That’s the smart thing to do! ROFL…

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