Today’s Debate………2/10*

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If you heard a bad “RUMOR” about your significant other, would you want to verify the “RUMOR” or let it go?

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  1. I suppose it would depend on what the “RUMOR” is about. Most rumors turn out to be nothing at all or so minute that who cares anyway. BUT, some rumors are worth looking into.

  2. Well Gary, a rumor is a rumor. Does it really matter what it is about?

  3. Rumor or not, you can be sure I would find out from the source!

  4. With tea4two on this one, of course I have to find out the truth!

  5. hire a private detective!

    wait, that only happens in the movies, right? 🙂

    actually, I would let it chill for a while … maybe ‘observe’ closely for a while before asking outright. But that’s just me.


  6. Actually observing is a great idea! Better to do that for a while then accuse someone right off! Thanks ggw.

  7. No way would I let it go, I would hit it right on real quick!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  8. Yes, I think it matters what it’s about. If I heard a rumor that my son was thinking of quitting his baseball team because he wasn’t interested in playing baseball anymore, I would just wait and see what happens. If I heard a rumor that my 13 year old son was smoking pot at the bus stop in the morning I would be looking into this RIGHT AWAY!

  9. This was about your significant other though. If I heard a rumor that my wife is thinking about moving to a different house, I would let it go and let her talk to me about it when she is ready. If I heard a rumor that she is having an affair with another man, I would be looking into this RIGHT AWAY!

  10. After 30 years of marriage, I’d laugh and say “you know what I heard??” There is no way my husband would do anything to cause a “rumor.” He’s just not the type. He’d maybe be guilty of eating a doughnut on the way home from the grocery store!!

  11. Funny, Joy! Which is his favorite? I love the Chocolate ones!
    Now Gary, you do bring up good points. I guess if I heard a rumor like the ones you mentioned, I would consider the source. There are lots of people out there who just love to start trouble!

  12. VERY true! I would have to consider the source of course.

  13. Gary,I usually found the person who started the rumor was unhappy or jealous about a situation, so they lashed out by starting a rumor instead of talking it out. I never fall prey to rumors! I confront whoever I need to confront to find out the truth.

  14. I also have been married a long time, so my husband would not do anything to start a “rumor.” If I heard one about a friend or family member, I would look at who started it and go from there.

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