Movie Review……….Behind Enemy Lines

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Lots of action. Lots of combat scenes. Lots of bonding with your fellow Seals team. Lots of clever moves. Lots of political statements. Lots of personal loss. Lots of personal sorrow. Just lots of entertaining aspects of film making. The territory they covered was educational. The culture of the people they were dealing with was educational, as well. It was a movie that kept my interest, which I can not say about a lot of movies I have seen! I think it is worth watching.Oh, did I mention…the guys are really cute!

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  1. Sounds like it has all the characteristics of a good movie! At least what I like in a good movie anyway. Even cute guys. LOL I will have to check this out.

  2. I felt this movie was another movie that showed the bond between the team and it showed the human side of the men. I enjoyed it. It was very action packed. It keeps you into it.

  3. Who is in this movie? It looks like “our” kind of movie.

  4. Hi Joy! This one is the one filmed in Columbia. It has a bunch of actors, but no one “big box office.” If you google it, lots of stuff!

  5. Gary, you’re a character! Hope you like it!

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