What’s the Deal with Marijuana………….?

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Marijuana is not a forgotten subject these days. There is so much public opinion on this word. It seems like no matter who you ask everyone has an opinion. It is a topic that is freely discussed in schools and church organizations. There has been a lot of public awareness regarding the “good” things about marijuana and the “bad” things about marijuana. I am not going to take either side, right now. I am just going to say, I guess everyone should be allowed to chose their own side…or….should it be chosen for them? I have read a lot on this subject and to be honest, I am conflicted! I feel in certain situations it can be beneficial to someone who is in very poor health. On the other hand, I feel if marijuana is used without someone knowing the possible “dangers,” that is not good either.Recently, Michael Phelps…the Olympic Gold Medalist, was found to be using marijuana. I feel that the world had mixed reaction to this discovery. If you would like, I have it as the question for “The Debate of 2/4 POST. I would be curious to see what your opinion’s are!

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  1. What kinds of opinions are you talking about? Legality? Sociologists even agree that it should be legalized and its legalization is being repressed by the competition.

    Whether or not it should be mandatory to repress (or calm) possible revolutionaries or terrorists?

  2. James made excellant points. I agree that marijuana should be legal. It has many things that are good for a lot of people in this world.

  3. Nothing wrong with the stuff if you use it for the right reasons. Recreation or medical, who cares. I believe it is harmless.

  4. I feel every case should be looked at,.good or bad.,and then decided on.

  5. I left my comment on the other one.

  6. I think pot is less harmful than alcohol yet alcohol is legal.

  7. I hate pot. It makes a person stupid and kills motivation. Just looking at the terms potheads themselves use… ‘wasted’ ‘pot’ ‘dope’ ‘weed’ and ‘burnout’ – tells the whole story.

  8. Thanks Matt for stopping by and commenting on my post. I can honestly say I have never tried it. When I was in college, they were always pushing it, and I just said no thank you. I never wanted anything having control over me!

  9. here are my thoughts….what better way to stimulate the economy?

    *farmers could grow it (now the farmers have a living)
    *people would buy it (ok now we have supply and demand)
    * peace baby peace..imagine a world where people are too stoned to hate on each other. (there go 1/3 of the crimes)

    I started thinking about the driving thing under the influence though. Was it really that hard to drive when stoned? I just don’t remember my driving ability being that impaired when I was stoned. Now drinking yeah…2 drinks and I’m not driving anywhere. Pot..the only thing I remember about pot (it’s been like years ago) is the fact I was munching and downing mountain dew.

    very cool question! I hope answers continue to (roll) <—sorry in!

  10. I like the way you think, javajunkee! You should write a letter to Obama! It seems that most everyone who left a comment feel marijuana is a benefit and should be legal!

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