The Strength To Go On………*

I just would like to touch on this subject about surviving! We all have got to realize we need to do this, or we would not be where we are today. Right? I mean ,if one morning we got up and noticed the world looked a little better than usual, doesn’t that give us the motivation to get up and make the very best of our day? It does for me. I sometimes do not even know where I get my strength, but I manage to amaze myself on a daily basis! Sometimes I get up sooo dizzy and tired, I just want to go back to sleep….but, I can’t…I have responsibilities. If I do not start the “tour” of my stuff…the rest of the “tour” members will be lost! So, I guess knowing that someone else is depending on me to do my end of the bargain, so they can do theirs, is my motivation and strength. My beliefs help enormously, also! Thanks for listening to my thoughts! You have any you want to share?

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Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz


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  1. You’re so right and thanks for sharing your thoughts.
    I suppose we all go through days when we’re less motivated to get up and get going.
    But life goes on and if we don’t get on with it, we’re likely to sink deeper into nothingness. Finding a purpose and looking on the bright side, is what we keeps us going.

  2. Success is defined as doing what must be done, WHEN it must be done.

    At least that’s the slogan an old teacher of mine told me in college.

    Easier said than done sometimes!

  3. There are times I wish I worked outside the home to give me a little bit of motivation. Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying my life but there are times I sit down to read and would rather go out for a walk but I think, “in a minute” and then I never do.

  4. Someone once told me that “actions speak louder than words.” That statement motivates me on a daily basis. I want to be the kind of person that “means” what they say and isn’t just talking to the air! It is really hard some times, I have to admit, but I WILL SUCCEED! Thanks for all your great comments! I love hearing from you all!

  5. Correct. The morning decides how you survive the day. It does make you bouncy hen you see that you have woken up to a better world.

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