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Well, I have a grip! All of you who work in the customer service field, I hope you know what that means! Some of you who have decided to go into that profession, need to take Customer Service 101 class! You guys do not even know the basics! How did you ever get hired? What I mean is this. If you work for a department store and are assigned a certain area of that store to cover, that means you LEARN what items are in that area when you are just standing around, so when I come up to you later on that night and ask you where the “socks” are….you can show me! Do not look at me and say, “Uh. I don’t know. I think over there.! Then you proceed to walk in the other direction! That my friends, is not good customer service! The way I figure it, I am not to blame that you are working at a job you are not too thrilled with, you are! If you do not like it….get another job….but NOT in customer service!

Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz

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  1. Sorry to see you have had bad help! Come here to my town, much nicer! We help out. We would be bored if we didn’t.

  2. I usually do not have any problems getting people to help me. I think it is because we are older. They must think we do not know much of anything and it is a good thing they are there to rescue us! It helps! Nice post! Keen eye!

  3. I worked at Target last winter for some “independent time”, ya know to get out of the house. So this is coming from someone who didn’t necessarily work for the $ ( practically $0) I loved my job, maybe that’s why. I didn’t HAVE to be there, I wanted to be there. Maybe they feel forced because they NEED a job so they aren’t very happy. Those people I 100% agree need to find a field that fits them better!! I’ve encountered more people that are nice and willing to help than unkind and not attentive though so there is hope!! Retail isn’t for everybody. 🙂

  4. Thanks, Nikki! You brought up very good points. It is harder getting motivated at a job if you are there because of situations in your life that are not too happy. It is totally different if you are there if you want to be there. I agree with you 100%

  5. I actually have thigs like that happen to me all the time! It’s very frustrating!!!!

    I’m not usually a complainer but I received such bad customer service a while back at a certain store that stars with a W and ends with mart, that I asked to speak with the store manager. I waited around for her for honestly 20 minutes only for her to blow me off. I let her know I would never be back and I have not!!

  6. I haven’t really had many problems with “in person” customer service but more on the phone kind. Direct TV and Sprint are really bad and I had a Dell computer once and theirs just stinks! The worst part to me of that is #1, talking to a human and #2, not being able to understand who’s “trying” to help me.

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