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  1. He looks like someone who is studying for his finals! He has to be on overload! He needs time to process the information!

  2. I think he is starting to feel the horror of the people he has to deal with! Let’s see how long he keeps that smile of his!

  3. Two very good points!

  4. i dont know, but who in their right mind would want to be president in the next 4 years… to help a falling nation?… i dont know…

  5. Hi Doraz,

    So far I’m reserving judgement, though my disappointment is growing. I’ll know when I see how he handles critical questions like illegal immigration, the first terrorist attack (it will happen), things like more bailouts, and most importantly does he do things openly as he’s promised, or are things buried in appropriation bills, etc. which is an extension “politics as usual.” I hope before I die I get a chance to vote for someone I can whole heartedly support. I haven’t been able to for the last 20.

    But Doraz, your humor keeps the sunlight shinin’ and chuckles rumblin’. I love visiting your site.

  6. I think it best if I keep my mouth shut. Other than to say I was disappointed more than I can say that $170 million dollars was spent on the Inauguration. Suffice to say, he wasn’t my choice, I did hope things would be different with this man but sadly, I don’t think they will. I agree with Sandysays1 and that he will have “hoops to jump through” like any other President and us “common” people think the Pres can wave a wand and do what he wants but there’s not a whole lot he can do without the backing of more people than we realize.

    But good heaven’s, I hope he does a good job. If not, we are all screwed!

  7. Joy……It is amazing how us humans can justify our crazy actions! Time will tell, you are right on!

  8. not impressed!

  9. Just like the other guys!
    Too bad, huh?
    Economy stinks too!

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