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  1. Hi Doraz; First of all, I look to see where the “stress” is coming from. I see stress as the “body’s non-specific response to demands placed on it”. So, there is “good ” stress and negative stress. Ask yourself where is the stress (demand) coming from, why am I reacting negatively to this demand…One of THE greatest stress-busters is exercise, even a good walk gets the endorphins flowing. Knowing there are only three things I have real control over helps. What I think about, what I visualize and what action I take. Look closely at your thoughts and see how they affect your stress levels.

  2. I blog, read and make sure I get a little time to myself every day.

  3. Jon, I really appreciate your taking the time to stop and make such a great comment! I operate on what makes sense, and everything you said, made sense to me! I also find that exercise is the key for me. I love swimming and walking. It makes me feel alive! I also do like Gary and realize that I deserve a little time to myself every day! I wish everyone had effective ways to fight stress!

  4. If I’m alone I either read or knit.

  5. I hope one day I can actually remember how to knit! I used to! My mom makes us all kinds of cool things! What is your specialty, Joy?

  6. I like making dishcloths. They are fast and I can finish one in a day and I have so many patterns that it never gets boring. Plus, everyone wants them so I know they are being used.

  7. Joy, should I place my order now? LOL

  8. i guess for stress there is help in the form of a pill.
    i have faith in medicine. it just has a stigma to it.

  9. Well Mario, nothing wrong with that! Medicine is a miracle worker.

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