Movie Review….Saw 5…..!!!

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Yuk! Blood everywhere! Body parts flying all over the place! No sense! Ridiculous lines! Stupid facial expressions! Dumb ening! Dumb story line! Am I giving you the impression that I thought this movie was your typical, horro film? That is what it be! Get it if that is what you like! Otherwise, go to the next movie!

6 Responses

  1. I think I will pass on this one! You are a strange one. These two movies are so different. Why did you see both?

  2. I was at friends house who rented them!

  3. I think I will pass on this one as well.

  4. The 5th one I could not follow. It was too confusing for me. I didn’t see how it fit in with the story line after they saved the girl. I kept getting the good cop and the bad cop mixed up. The five people that had to go through the traps, why the heck were they there for? None of em could act. I fell asleep through it. It disappointed me b/c I am a fan of the Saw movies.

  5. I don’t “do” movies like this. I make myself scared enough without watching stuff to fuel my imagination!!

  6. I agree with you, amc1087. The others were more entertaining!
    Joy, you did not miss a thing! Horror is horror!

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