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  1. At night I enjoy reading in my special chair, quietly. If people bother me, I get upset! It is my time for peace! Stay away!

  2. You bet! If I am in one of my moods, stay away!

  3. With everything we must deal with in life, I feel we all need our private haven to reflect and be at peace for a duration of time that is suitable for us. We all need this. So yes, I am picky.

  4. You bet I am! I enjoy my time, too! I respect the private times of others! I just want my time, too! I think that is fair.

  5. Much like Delia, I enjoy reading at night and I REALLY don’t like to be bothered while doing so.

  6. This is funny. I have post about this coming for one day this week. I am very picky about “my space.” I hate it when people are on top of me all the time. My post is more about “personal space” and now many people have the need to stand to close to you.

  7. I believe that to be true! I have some friends who do that, Joy! I just tell them to back up my way, I cough and do not stop until they move! Ha Ha!

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