Just Thought I’d Ask You This Question?……….1/20

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If you had to grade yourself right now on your behavior towards others, what would you give youself?


9 Responses

  1. I am pretty nice to people. If they are rude to me, I ignore them. Some days, I am ready to just pull their hair! I get a B-, I think!

  2. I am not the same with all people. It depends. I guess a B would be fair.

  3. I would also give myself a B because I am no angel, but I am no devil, either!

  4. I have a great attitude, it’s the other person who gets an F!Ha Ha

  5. Right now I’m remodeling my bathroom and laundry room so I don’t have a lot of patience. Today I’d give myself a D.

  6. I’m certainly not perfect but I have a pretty good attitude so a B for me.

  7. Now Joy, it can not be that bad! Coffee and dark chocolate always help me!

  8. Right now I’m more then likely a C, moving to a different town does that I guess.

  9. i always get graded separate from the curve.
    it’s always an A or a pass/fail pass.
    you call it.

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