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It is too easy to CRITICIZE….so stop it!

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You are welcome to quote me on that! Just think about that statement. It is so true. We are quick to lash out all of our anger and hatred towards others, but we are hesitant to see what it must be like for them in their lives! I know, you are thinking, “Who cares about that, they deserve it!” Well, maybe what they deserve is a little education about the ignorant thing they just did to upset you so much. Criticizing them only makes you look bad. You need to go up a notch with your dignity and handle the situation a little more compassionately. Most people will respond to that. If they do not, they must be real assh***s and do not deserve you in their lives! You have reached a crossroad in your life where maybe you need to take a different road. Time to evualate your priorities!

Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz


6 Responses

  1. I find it very hard to be around critical people. Some people are just never happy and like to find fault with everyone and I usually see the glass as half full.

  2. Very good point, Joy. Some people live to criticize!

  3. We try to not be critical unless the circumstances call for it, such as giving our opinion on a movie we just saw. That is ok. I go about my day and try to be pleasant to everyone.

  4. People usually tune out to other people who are critical all the time. Unless you are having like a review at work, no need to be rude with your criticism. A little bit is fine if done nicely.

  5. Being critical out loud is different than being critical with your buddies .

  6. I really do not like someone to be rude when they are criticizing me! I am open to it, but be nice!

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