Being Funny Hurts……… ain’t easy!

I do not know if you can understand this, but funny people are usually very serious people. They are people who see the sadness and fears in others as they walk around in their daily life. They can sense that people are not happy and are in personal turmoil and anguish. They can understand the expressions on people’s faces as they attempt a smile, yet are crying inside. Funny people feel a sense of responsibility. They feel that since they have a handle on their lives, they should help others get a grip on theirs. Funny people feel that seeing the humor in life helps a bit. I am one of those funny people. I hope you are ,too! Share the laughter and joy in life with others!

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Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz

10 Responses

  1. Interesting, and true for me too!

  2. Understand this. Thanks. Keep laughing in life. It is good for you and those around you.

  3. I realized you made several interesting points that were true for me, too! I try to make those around me happy. Life is too short.

  4. I agree with what you wrote. People in life are doing the best they can. If they laugh, sometimes they get a guilty feeling. It is ok to laugh. It helps us to get by with everyday struggles. It helps me to want to keep going. People should laugh without guilt, as much as possible! Thx!

  5. I am always in a bad mood and do enjoy other people making me laugh. It does help, I admit. I am a tough sell, though.

  6. Hi All,
    Glad to see that I have love and support from you guys! Will try to nake you laugh, Robert!

  7. Yes! I love this. I too am a laughing hyena in the jungle of life.

  8. Happy to hear from you and to see you are laughing, too! Thanks , leakelley!

  9. I’m half serious and half a jokester. All I know is it feels good to laugh. Even for a minute. Thanks for giving us a few of those minutes each day.

  10. It is my pleasure, Joy! Hats off to you, too!

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