Give me space….. I Am Depressed……A Poem

I Am Depressed…. A Poem

“I am depressed.

Leave me alone!

Don’t try to touch me.

Don’t call me on my phone.

Don’t pretend you care,

Don’t even give me that!

Just leave me to my misery.

I am happy with that fact.

I need some time to think.

I need some time to rest.

Can’t you understand that concept?

It is really for the best.

I will come back and conquer.

I will come back and cheer.

I will be myself in no time.

You really have nothing to fear.

Don’t you remember this happened before?

Don’t you remember what I did?

Well, just allow me this freedom.

Just allow me this gig.

I’m fine.

I’m ok.

I Thank You.

I love you, too.”

Believe in Yourself,
Luisa Doraz

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8 Responses

  1. Right on. That planet will orbit its orbit. So simple, so true. I like that poem.

  2. Very meaningful poem, I absolutely loved it!

  3. I feel this way at times. There are times you just want to wallow. As long as you don’t do it for to long. Every now and then it’s needed.

  4. Thank you Loup and El Espies for stopping in. Hope to see you often! Happy New Year! Hope you have a very healthy one!

  5. Thank You Joy, I agree 100%. You’re a smart woman!

  6. I agree with Joy, too. We all have our moments.Just hope they do not last too long.

  7. Doraz, if you will keep writing such wonderful poems, I can assure you, you will see me here quite often;)

  8. I will do my best, El Espies!

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