Be Positive , Why Don’t Ya???????

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I started thinking about the Sun today. The Sun works 24/7, and do we really appreciate it? We just take for granted that the Sun will shine and heat us all up and take care of all of us. We are lucky the Sun can not go on vacation or on strike! I love the Sun. It provides us with essentail vitamins. It allows our plants in our gardens to grow. It allows us to see the beauty of nature. The list is endless. So, next time you get up in the morning and see the Sun shining into your window, don’t get mad…..SMILE. If it weren’t for the Sun, we would not be here!

Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz

10 Responses

  1. The thing about the sun is that we build all these metaphors around the sun rising and the sun setting that cycle sadness around joy, when the reality is that the sun never sets at all. It shines full time and the earths rotation gives us the illusion that it rises and falls.

  2. Exactly, Michael! The sun NEVER gets a break!

  3. I agree with you and Michael. The Sun is one powerful figure in Nature! The President, maybe??????

  4. I agree with you and Michael. The Sun is the President of the Universe!

  5. Good political viewpoint!

  6. I am such a creature of needing the sun. It can be like today, -3 when I got up but the sun is out so I’m okay. I can get “gloomy” when the sun takes a nap.

  7. Thanks Stephen!
    Joy….How do you handle -3?????…You’re brave!

  8. I live in Minnesota. Born and raised. We get used to it and even miss it sometimes.

  9. I love that the cold weather makes me feel alive! Dress warm, Joy!

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