Cartoon of the Night………..12/7

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Does this cartoon remind you of someone? This little creature has that puzzled, confused look…right? It looks like it is about to let their emotions go! Seems like they are not having a very eventful day, huh? I guess they could be looking ahead to a future that is dull and dreary. OR, they could have just listened to a bunch of weird people saying a bunch of crazy things, and they are just trying to remain calm and non-confrontational. Aren’t I strange? Do you see any of this, are do you just see a cartoon? Have a great week. Make it a week where you smile at everyone instead of yelling at them. It is amazing what will happen when you SMILE!

Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz

4 Responses

  1. Smiling has saved me from many a fights. True!
    Cute cartoon. That’s me Monday mornings!

  2. I look like that everytime I talk to my friends who are crazy!

  3. SOOOOO cute!

  4. I am happy you are enjoying the cartoons. I love to smile and laugh. They cheer me up…always!

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