What is it about the Holidays?……a poem

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What is it about the Holidays?

What makes us feel like we do?

Some of us are excited and happy,

Some of us are just blue!

Maybe we think too much.

Maybe we should just let them be.

Just step back and watch.

They can be pretty funny!

Someone will do something stupid,

Someone else will smile at you,

Someone will be in a bad mood,

Someone will be crazy and fun,

Just like you!

So I guess what I am saying,

Is to just let it be.

Try to see the good,

and ignore the ugly!


Believe in Yourself!

Luisa Doraz


3 Responses

  1. Since the holidays are at the end of the year, we tend to review our life for that year and are either happy or sad about things that happened.

  2. I tend to be depressed because of all the extra money I spend.

  3. I love the holidays. There is so much to do and see. People are ok. Everyone is rushed.People try. I do.

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