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Do you have a problem motivating yourself? Are you good.at motivating others?I have recently run into a lot of people in my life who are struggling with motivation issues. They seem to complain of not having enough time in their day to do what they have to do. When they see all that is piling up, they just can not seem to move ahead and work it out. They claim they are “not motivated.” They look for someone or something to miraculously motivate them. They spend hours searching and searching. Well, my opinion is that they can stop looking around and start looking at themselves. The answer is within all of us. To get motivated, we need to educate ourselves. During the education process, we find answers to questions we did not even know we were seeking. By educate, I mean this. Let’s say you need to figure out “how” to do something efficiently. Well, first figure out the “how” and then move from there. A simple example is, “How do I plan Thanksgiving dinner without it being a disaster?” Well, first off..be realistic, something is always bond to go a little wrong. That is part of the fun of the holidays. First, ask yourself what exactly you mean by “a disaster.” Is it that no one will have fun? Is it that no one will like your food selection? What exactly do you mean? That is the first step. Clear those up and you will be motivated to continue. You can simply put together a menu plan and then share it with your invited guests, and get their reaction. If they say it looks great, stop worrying. As far as being bored goes. What are the ages of your guests? Any lids? Have some age appropriate board games to amuse them. Adults can also play board games or a fun game of charades. Motivate yourself to be creative and educated. You are the only one who can motivate yourself. Others can offer support, but it is all on you. Be thankful this holiday season that you are blessed with many talents. Use them. You’ll be great!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.
See you soon!
Believe in Yourself;
Luisa Doraz
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4 Responses

  1. Cute Angel.

  2. If I were not so dang tired, I could do things. I am out of shape too. I just give up and eat. That always cheers me up.

  3. I feel lucky to be alive. That motivates me to do everything. I need to relax, but I am too nervous to.

  4. i’m still not motivated. i think i need money to be motivated!
    thanks for trying:)

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