Your Holiday Mission: Gain 7 pounds…AGAIN!…ugh…Do you accept?

I can’t take it! Not again! Does this system ever fail? Can I ever win? Must I always be the loser? I am so TIRED of hearing from people that it is the time of year we are EXPECTED to gain 7 pounds, more or less! How does my body know when it is a holiday? Does it pick up signals from outer space from some demented alien who thinks it’s funny to see me get fatter? I work so hard at resisting temptation, and then I have that weak moment where i say, ” OH, what the h*ll, might as well!” So, I figured out a few things that may help me NEXT year. I realized we always make “special” recipes on “special occassions” only. Of course, we are going to keep looking at that fudge until we eat a few pieces, right? We are not going to resist grandma’s fresh made pumpkin pie, are we? NO WAY! So, I have a solution for NEXT year. I plan on baking all those “special” recipes WHENEVER I happen to want them. I am NOT waiting until the holidays anymore. I figure my brain will be happy to know it can eat those foods ANYTIME, so it will not be craving them! I mean, think about it. When we know we can have something in life, we decide we do not want it anymore. Once it is attainable, the challenge is gone! I believe this plan will work. Do you? Do you accept this mission?


Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz

6 Responses

  1. I live to eat…..hand over that fudge!

  2. Only 7 pounds? Lucky you. Great post.

  3. I wish to eat what I want. I will worry about it in 2009!

  4. Gaining weight is half the fun.

  5. I wish I had problems gaining weight. I am too thin. I have fast metabolism. Sorry!

  6. Ha, that’s an interesting idea, and hope that goes well for you…let me know!

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