“War,Inc.,” Movie Review

Wow, this was an interesting movie. I really enjoyed it. Hats off to John Cusack and the cast. They pulled it off. John Cusack is undercover. He is a hitman assigned in a country gone wild. He has to deal with his inner struggles and the weird personalities of the locals. He is portrayed as someone which he is not. He has a sense of humor he uses to try to get on with his assignment to kill. He has heart and compassion in human beings. He wants to do good, yet his ” real” job wants him to kill! His boss is wacko! His assistant is hilarious ( Joan). She keeps the movie moving along. The pop singer in this movie is someone you hate and then someone you feel sorry for. Hilary Duff is great! I don’t know, I feel this is worth renting. It was a movie worth seeing!

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