Yeh, so what’s the problem.huh?

If your depressed or not feeling great…check this blog OR..Can someone give me a good reason why I shouldn’t delete this blog? I have had it for a while and do not really feel that it is very popular with people. I mean, what exactly do people like to read these days? I try to do different things with this blog. Sometimes I think people ARE interested because I look at my stats, and other times ,when I think I have really good stuff, no one is out there! Maybe I need to get real. Help me out here! I do appreciate all the comments I have received. The comments help encourage me!

One Response

  1. Hi, Luisa. My husband just told me these exact words a couple of days ago, “Nobody reads my blog.” And I’ve encouraged him to continue writing, like I always do. Because I know he writes well.

    I promise to visit you regularly if you don’t delete this blog 🙂 People these days are just too busy to leave a comment. They just stop by, read, and leave.

    Try a different approach when writing your post titles. Make it hard to miss 😉

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