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GET OFF THE ROAD #*#*#*……..

I am so aggravated right now, I just SCREAMED! It makes me feel better for a little while, then I have to go get some coffee to calm me down! I am sooo tired of people going on the highways and thinking they are on the surface streets! Do you guys have this problem? I am going along on the freeway at the normal speed, when up ahead I see someone who must be driving 40 miles an hour! Excuse me, but do these people realize they are on a frreway?????? Then you look at them as you are driving around them and they have the nerve to flip you off! Unbelieveable! I really let out those Italian bad words today!!! I guess these people are stoned, drunk, or half asleep! Any of the above …..THEY SHOULD NOT BE DRIVING!!!!!! Ok, I feel better now….Thanks…….


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